7 Ways to Use Antiqued Mirror in Your Home

I am having a serious antiqued mirror craving this morning and am thinking about how to incorporate this beautiful material into my projects and my own home.  In case you don't know what it is, check out this video that shows the process of how to take a piece of plain glass and turn it into a mirror that looks like you snatched it off the wall at an ancient palazzo:

There are many beautiful ways to incorporate antiqued mirror into your home.  Here are a few that are worth some serious consideration.

1.If you are feeling bold and want something dramatic, cover a wall in antique mirrored tiles.

2. Or mirror a niche:

3. Antique mirrors look stunning on screens and doors also:

4. I also love to use this mysterious looking mirror on cabinet door fronts where you need a bit of glamour:

5. Or use mirrored subway tile in your kitchen or butler's pantry or half bathroom:

6. Antiqued mirrored furniture or light fixtures can give you a touch of this beautiful mirrored patina if you can't commit to it wholeheartedly:

7. Or, if you just want to dip your toe into this mercurial glass, start with a beautiful mirror and hang it in your entry or bar or over a fireplace or over your bedside tables perhaps with a pendant hung in front.

Another great thing about antiqued mirror is that you can get it in all different price points, from DIY to the real ancient deal so anyone can incorporate this mysterious beauty into their home.  If you would like to add some antiqued mirror but aren't sure which to choose, I'm happy to help direct you. Have a great weekend!