How To Make Something Cheap Look Expensive

I am the first to admit that I am not one of those amazing "Do it Yourself-ers".  Most projects require reading directions and taking your time to do it right.  Sometimes you even have to prep the area, don protective clothing, gloves and eyewear.  In my impatient, "I gotta see the end result right away" mind, this takes too long.  I've learned the hard way that it is better if I leave the painting projects to the professionals. Once, I decided to try out a new paint color in my entry.  How hard can it be?  With 8 doorways, it wasn't the 1 day job I anticipated! And because I used a roller that was too big, I ended up getting the darker wall color on the ceiling.  Sheepishly, I called my painter and had to fess up. He sadly shook his head and brought in 3 of his guys to fix the mess that I had made of the hallway. Then, there was the time I decided to spray a clients bamboo style glass top metal side table navy. I was happily spraying away in my garage (Hey, this is great!  Look how fast I can do this!) but when I went inside to wash my hands (no I wasn't wearing gloves) I looked up and to my horror my hair around my face was a lovely shade of blue! My hairstylist Patti has since forbidden me to spray paint without wearing a cafeteria lady plastic cap over my hair. 

That said, I am very inspired to try my hand (along with my co-hort, Angie who is much better at DIY than me!) at a few projects soon.  I am always looking for ways to make less expensive things look fabulous, not only for my staging business, but also for my own home.  So here are a few things that I want to try:

1. Customize Billy bookcase from Ikea. 

Adding moldings and doors to basic Ikea inexpensive shelves would be a great way to increase storage in my office.  I also love putting fun wallpaper on the back of the plain white walls of the case. The lighting above takes it to "wow"

2. Customize a boring basic white console from Ikea by adding overlays . Its amazing what you can get online today.  There is a website that makes these cool geometric overlays to jazz up boring flat drawers and doors. Check out

3. Customize a ho-hum console by swapping out the plain jane legs for something chic.  You can always tell cheap furniture by its legs. Fool everyone by swapping them out for something fab from pretty

4. Replace boring cabinet hardware in my kitchen with something really cool like the above pulls from Anthropologie.  Hardware is like jewelry and should be special.  You can make any chest of drawers or cabinet uniquely you by changing the hardware.  Even a non DIY er like me can do it! 

Here are a couple of others that I love from



5. Antique plain mirror and create a gorgeous backsplash in a butler's pantry.  I saw a kit at my local hardware store and am dying to try it!

Or an entire wall...



That's all for now.  I'd love to hear about your DIY ideas. I'll let you know if I ever get around to actually doing any of the above projects!!