A Day in My Life

Friday is here. Already. The weeks are passing faster and faster and sometimes I feel that I can't even keep track of days. This week, Emmy came home from Prague,  we moved furniture out of a staged house, made a proposal to stage another, presented a multiple room plan to a client in Mount Pleasant, worked on bathroom designs for a beach house in Litchfield and I logged many hours in the car driving between Pawleys Island and Mount Pleasant. All good.  All blessings. But sometimes I wish I could slow things down a little and had more time with the people I love. Sometimes I wish I could be in two (or three or four) places at once. 

If I had a few weeks with nothing but time on my hands and enough cash in the bank, here's what I would do: 

1. Get in the car with Stu and just head out. No planned itinerary. Just explore together without any agenda. 


2. Visit my daughter in LA and see her new place and be able to put my arms around her, breath in her smell and kiss her soft cheek like I used to when she was little. 

3. Help Charlotte move into her new apartment in SF and see her settled into her new town.

4. Help Emmy move into her new digs in Boston. Set up her room and make her bed for the start of her junior year. 

5. Spend some time with my parents.  

6. Lie in the grass and look up at the sky. 

That's what I'd do. Do you have a list of things you'd do if you had time, money etc..? 




Happy Friday and have a great weekend!