A Graduation Wardrobe Capsule

We are heading into the heart of graduation season.  Facebook is flooded with photos of smiling graduates in caps and gowns with beaming, proud parents standing beside them. Stu and I are excited to be heading to Boston next week to celebrate Charlotte's graduation from Wellesley College. The arrangements have all been made: hotel rooms reserved- check; flights booked-check; rental car reserved- check; dinner reservations made-check; dog sitter- check; mail forwarded- check; work covered-check. All that remains is to pack.  Ugh.  While I love to travel, packing ranks up there at the top of my list of my least favorite things to do.  I think it's because it requires limiting my options.  I hate the idea of "being stuck with" an outfit that I don't feel like wearing at a given moment.  Shallow you say? Perhaps.  But I know that I am not alone!  Going from a warm climate to a cool one, a beach to an urban community, southern culture to the bastion of conservative north presents a challenge.  In addition, I will be meeting my daughter's boyfriend for the first time, seeing her friends and their parents and want to make her proud of her mama!  I know this isn't all about me so I don't want to stand out but want to look good. Whew! 

I have carefully reviewed the itinerary and schedule of events.

 I will need outfits for:

  • 1 Brunch
  • Touring campus and Boston
  • 3 dinners- 1 casual, 2 a bit more formal
  • Baccalaureate service
  • Commencement ceremony and reception following
  • Travel 

Having checked the weather forecast, consulted the pinterest and blog world fashionistas, here are the looks that feel right for the events:

Travel :  T-shirt, comfortable jeans , and tennies- can't go wrong.  Blazer and a hat (not felt) may come in handy at the outdoor ceremony.

Touring Boston and the campuses of Wellesley and Boston College (where Emmy goes) requires comfort but a little more style:

The casual dinners and brunch require a step up but not too far!

dinner in wellesley.jpg

 The bac service, commencement ceremony and graduation dinner call for something elegant.  Here is the look I will be going for:

grad capsule.jpg

I think I will wear navy rather than gray or black as the weather is forecasted to be warm:

navy sheath.jpg

I can add a pop of color to the navy with a cardigan. 

I think that will do it.  The key is classic solid pieces with good shoes, bag and accessories. Better check that everything is clean and unwrinkled while there is still time to get to the dry cleaners!  Is it too late to lose 10 pounds? Happy Thursday!