A Labor of Love

As promised, I am going to reveal the floor that I painted this weekend. But first, I want to give you the background scoop about why I wanted to do this floor.  I am not a big DIYer.  In fact, I wholeheartedly believe in hiring professionals. However, sometimes spending the time to do something yourself can be a labor of love. This project, for me, falls into that category.  The floor I painted is in a tiny, room at the top of the stairs at my church and will be used as a place to meet with people who are receiving counseling from husband and wife counselors, Jim and  Beard.  Stu and I met with the Beards for some premarital counseling a few months before we got married and the experience was life changing.  Since this wasn't the first rodeo for either one of us, we wanted to do everything we could to ensure that we wouldn't end up another bad statistic.  To say we were apprehensive (about getting married, not each other) would be an understatement.  

 Before our meeting with Acton and Jim, we were asked us to take some tests to determine our temperaments, our family of origin experiences, our love languages and our relationship histories.  I can tell you, it was THOROUGH!   Next, we met with them in person.  Not only did they go through our test results and tell us what challenges we might face (we are two heads on one body- both leaders, strong- willed  and action oriented!) but they also gave us some practical tools to employ when we hit a bump.  Although at the time we couldn't imagine ever needing to use these tactics, I can assure you that we have and that they work!  In fact, our very first "bump" was about the Steelers.  Did I mention that Stu is from Pittsburgh?  And that I am not from Pittsburgh?  

Now, back to the room.  It is not a beautiful room.  Fluorescent lighting glares down from the ceiling and there is zero natural light.  It could be rather depressing, to be honest.  I wanted to do what I could to help make it a cheerful, happy place- a place where people feel comfortable and cared for so that Acton and Jim can do their healing work.

Here is a shot of the room before.  Actually, the true before had dirty wall to wall carpet.  This is after carpet had been removed, walls painted and floor painted with base color:


Yikes, right? I decided to paint a checkerboard because 1) I had a limited amount of time and 2) given the size of the room, thought keeping it simple would be best.  Placing the squares on a diagonal would help the space seem bigger and using soft colors would make it pretty.

This is the floor color palette (don't you love the name of the green?!):

First, I spent time measuring, and then taping. This is the really tedious and my least favorite part.  I decided on 16 inch squares.  I could have gone a little larger but for some reason 16 got into my head! Here is a shot of the floor taped and ready for painting:



Here is the floor after the darker squares were painted.  Nice but needed a little something more...

The sofa fabric that is going into this room is a charming print with fish on it and I wanted to play off the charm of that by bringing in a touch of green.  So I added some small "insets" in a pretty soft green paint.  I saw this pretty Amy Howard Chalk Paint next to the cash register at the paint store and wanted to try it:


Now what was once an ugly plywood floor is a unique and charming hand painted floor.  Can't wait until Acton and Jim see it.  It was a fun project but I doubt I will be painting another floor anytime soon- my hamstrings are killing me!  

Of course there is more work to be done.  It needs quarter round molding, trim needs to be painted and something must be done about the lighting but it's a good start, I think. Happy Tuesday!