A Love Letter to The Color Aqua

I have crushes on a lot of colors, but one of my long lasting color loves is aqua.  There is something about this color that makes my heart leap for joy whenever I see it.  

Dear Aqua,

You are the most beautiful color of all. For me, it was love at first sight.  You are the perfect combination of blue and green.  Everything looks good with you- white, gold, silver, navy, coral, brown...You are fun and happy but also calm and peaceful.  I see you in pools of water and the foaming waves of the ocean.  I can't get enough of you and my closet is the proof! I've tried other colors but I keep coming back to you.  You have a hold on me that I can't shake.  You are all around me, in everything that I see today. So, dear Aqua, this post is dedicated to you.  

Forever devoted to you,


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