Progress at The Abbey

Yesterday, the panels that we created from the old handpainted wallpaper, were installed in the narthex of The Abbey.  This was not a simple job but rather it required a lot of careful measuring because there would be no second chance once the paper was cut.  In addition, the paper is fragile and couldn't be over handled.  Thankfully, we had two pros doing the work- Biff and Alex.  

Although we will have to wait until next week to have the framing done, even unframed they look beautiful. So many people in the community have fond memories of what was once the winter dining room with the walls clad in this lovely paper so it was nice to save a piece of that history at The Abbey. 

The panels will be framed in a simple 2 inch trim stained to patch the fireplace mantle.  Sconces will be installed in the middle of the panels.

A matching chandelier will be installed also.

 Botanicals painted by a gifted and talented member of the congregation also hang in the narthex,  They represent flowers that grow outside the Abbey doors on Litchfield Plantation. 

Natural light streams into the room through floor to ceiling windows flanking the fireplace and the glass entry door.  Dentil crown molding and the intricately carved mantle are original to the room, but the wood floors are newly installed.  

Through the double wooden doors of the narthex, a charmingl shiplap clad vestibule marks the transition to the new chapel.  


There are still things left to be done, but so much progress has been made.  This will be a very special Easter with much for which to be thankful!