An Edible Garden

Yesterday morning, after Barre class, Charlotte and I stopped at True Blue Nursery, one of my favorite local business establishments here in Pawleys Island.  We were gaga over the edible plant section- fig trees, citrus trees, a pear tree esplanade, raspberries, and all the herbs you can imagine. Everything looked so beautiful and it inspired me to do a bit of research on Edible Gardens.  How cool would it be to reach over and pluck a fig or pear whilst sitting and enjoying the beauty of your garden?  Now, if you know me at all, you realize that I am not envisioning a garden variety vegetable garden with rows of tomatoes and cucumbers guarded by a watchful scarecrow.   No.  I want it to look like a lovely parterre garden. Turns out that I am not alone.

Bordered by a clipped hedge, this garden has some of the elements that I love in a garden. Brick walkways, square beds arranged in a grid.



Varying the heights of what is planted in the beds is important as shown here.  I also like the way the flowers are interspersed with the edible plants.

edible landscape rosalind creasy

edible landscape rosalind creasy

I am seriously obsessed with the wicker edging in this gorgeous garden. Pea gravel paths and an outdoor fireplace on a stone wall make this a magical place.

You don't need a large piece of land to create a memorable edible garden.  Even in a small area, you can create something visually appealing.

More wicker edging, walls of green, and gravel paths... LOVE!

Fruit trees in containers add a lot of interest and height when placed within the beds.

While I dream about and plan my new edible garden, I will content myself with a few pots of herbs on the patio...

Mint, thyme and dill happily coexist in one pot:

Basil and Italian parsley ensure that we will be making pesto soon.

How is it that it is Friday already?  How?  It seems like it was just Tuesday!  Hope you have a great weekend and a happy Friday!