Baby, It's Hot Outside!!!!!! Fantasizing About a Greek Island Home

We have been dealing with extremely hot, humid weather here in South Carolina for the past few weeks and this transplanted CT Yankee doesn't want to even venture outside to get the mail.  Normally, I am fine with hot weather.  It's a good reason to spend time at the beach in the ocean. But this year, I just can't seem to handle it.  In order to deal with the furnace outside, I am fantasizing about houses in the Greek Islands.  All of that whitewashed stone and the blue sea feels so soothing. And COOL. I want to spend the sunny days in the cool blue sea and the warm evenings sipping very cold white wine on the terrace overlooking the impossibly blue sea.  No more getting in and out of a hot car- I'd catch fish to eat and find a local to deliver whatever else I needed. 


When its really hot outside, paring down to the necessities and the basics is the way to go.  Accessories should be kept to a just a few very special things.  No patterns.  Only solids.  Furniture should be light and streamlined.  No carpets on the cool stone floors.  Plenty of natural linens and cottons. And please, no bright colors.

The facade of this house was built out of local stone in 1860 and the building was originally used as a pumice factory on the island of Therasia on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Renovated by Costis Psychis, I can't get over this place-  you could walk out the door and simply jump into the sea!

I love the Greek Islands.  I spent some time there years ago and I remember the way the people adapted to the climate by staying indoors during the heat of the day.  Errands, shopping and work happened in the morning.  After lunch, everyone went inside and slept until the sun was about to set.  Then people ventured out into the streets again after dark to sip cocktails on terraces and share dinner at the sidewalk cafes in town. 

Imagine having cocktails here at sunset?  Or coffee in the morning?  This is what heaven looks like in my imagination.


During the heat of the day, I would escape the sun in this living room- lounging on a pillow to read.  Hot air rises so keeping the seating close to the floor makes perfect sense.I really love how simple the interior is. 

This sunken tub is stunning.  So serene and peaceful.  The arched ceiling and doorways provide softness to the otherwise cool white room

When it is time for bed, retire to your bedroom- with a simple mattress on the floor and a window open to the sea breezes and view.

That's the way to deal with the heat.  Minimal decoration and maximum views of the sea.  It makes me want to clear away the objets in my home just as I want to lose the jewelry on a steaming hot summer day.

Photos by :William Abranowicz

Stay cool- Happy Tuesday!