Can a Garage Spark Joy?

I've been thinking  a a lot about organization lately.  I am on a quest to discover the secret to a perfectly organized and efficient life.  Not because I am obsessed with having everything in its place all of the time, but rather because I am increasingly frustrated by the way keeping track of, sorting through and taking care of "stuff" is interfering with what I really want to be doing. Just yesterday, I was googling "how to organize your office/ kitchen/ closet/bathroom/wardrobe/office supplies/ drawers"  and on and on...  You won't believe  how  many sites are devoted to organizing stuff!  I am not alone in my quest.  The world-renowned celebrity de-clutterer, Marie Kondo, tells us to get rid of anything that does not "spark joy".  Interesting concept.  As I contemplate how on earth a toilet plunger can possibly "spark joy" in me, I started considering what rooms or spaces in our homes are wasted and don't spark joy in our lives.  For me, the garage is a lot of space to devote to the housing of a lot of stuff that doesn't spark joy. Now, my husband feels a little differently about this space than I do at the moment.  But I am wondering if a studio for painting and design for both of us might spark more joy than a place for the golf cart, cars, tools etc... Here is the garage in question:

IMG_0685 IMG_0687

Here is my fantasy of what that space would look like if we decided that the answer to that question is "yes"!

First, I would remove the existing sheet rock ceiling and open the one car garage to the rafters.

And I would definitely pop in a few skylights to bring in the natural light.  Then I would use a steel framed window behind the garage door so that when the door is shut, the garage will look like everyone else's but when its open "voilà! coolness!"  I am dying to use windows like these somewhere.


steel 85c3e59cdbdf1b7d0444493f09d0a58e

I love these glass and steel garage style doors and they would be stunning.  Particularly with the view that I have outside the garage:


I imagine many hours of joy sparked by the new garage studio.  What do you think?