Design Romp- ing- What On God's Green Earth Is That????

This is the 131st post on my blog, Design Romp. I will admit that I am rather proud of that fact and view it as a fairly major accomplishment.  So many mornings getting up before the sun, so many photos taken and sifted through, so many meetings that I was late for because I had to post and the site was acting up- it did, after all, require some commitment and effort to get here. More astonishing, I had to first create a website and then figure out how to do the darn blog thing!  For a non techie person like me, THAT is a huuuuge accomplishment! I will leave it to you to decide if anything written was interesting, memorable or worth hearing about. I hope so.

8 months into this adventure seems as good a time as any to take stock. I would have done it at the 100 post mark but I wasn't paying attention and missed that milestone. One of the most surprising things to me has been how much I enjoy writing.  It's as if I were the sole survivor on a desert island who had no one to speak to for years and then suddenly am rescued.  Er, that didn't come out exactly right.  Stu and I talk all the time about everything that pops into our heads. But writing is different. I can actually craft each sentence, take the time to think of the exact word that will convey the thought or feeling without the distraction of your body language clues to decipher or facial expressions interpret. Most of all, I have discovered how much fun it is to take an idea, a random insignificant thought or idea, and examine it, roll it around, turn it upside down and shake it out until its been thoroughly hashed out. It almost doesn't even matter what the subject is, does it? Well, not quite.  I would not take pleasure in describing how to balance your books or the best way to clean your bathroom. But occasionally, I'll talk about something meaningful. 

So what is the point of it? I named my blog Design Romp after mulling over what seemed like a million possibilities because I wanted it to be fun and light hearted and free.  Let's face it, life can get hard, complicated and not so pretty.  Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances that we would not have chosen, in a job we don't like, a relationship that isn't working or we just get worn down by the mundane. In the midst of living the daily grind, we lose our ability to see the beauty that is around us. We lose some of the joy and wonder that was inside us when we were small. I think that some of us were put here on this planet to act as gigantic eyes, pointing out what we see and how we see things in order to bring back that sense of wonder we all had as children seeing things for the first time.  That's what I want Design Romp to be- full of wonder, excitement and fun!  It's not about "How To Do Everything Perfectly" or "I am the expert on everything design related", rather I want to share my observations and thoughts with you as I would a close friend with whom I am free to be myself. Design Romp is where I can speak freely about whatever comes into my head in a way that I can't (or at least shouldn't) with my clients!  So, going forward, my aim is to share my experience of living life as an observer, appreciator, interpreter and sometime creator of what I think is beautiful and makes life more beautiful. There is so much worth seeing and exploring.  We live in a beautiful place and are surrounded by extraordinarily talented artists and designers.  Let's celebrate it!

And I want to hear from you.  Listening is an important part of every relationship.  Sometimes after I post something, I feel as if I have flung it into outer space and have no idea whether my thoughts or ideas connected with anyone or if they missed the mark, passing by like a falling star.  I want to hear what you think, what you like, what sparks joy in you, what makes you smile and even, hopefully sometimes, laugh. Most of all, I want us to have fun with it.  I will post on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays for the foreseeable future as my 3 hour daily commute to one of the world's most beautiful cities- Charleston- has cut into my writing and sleeping time making writing 5 days a week impossible. Tune in through the Bloglovin app, Facebook or sign up through my website or to romp with me through the fabulous world of interior design plus anything else that pops into my head. 

Happy Wednesday!