Dreamy Beach Houses

With summer just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to the beach.  There is no happier place on earth for me to be than on a beach by the sea.  I know I am not alone.  Being near the shore must be a primal urge.  The sound of the waves, the calls of the gulls, the smells of the sea and the warmth of the un shadowed sun make me feel happy and content. I never tire of the beauty of sparkling endless blue water against a bright blue horizon.  I often fantasize about owing a cottage on the beach.  The closest I got was when I rented a cottage in Westport, CT to finish out the school year after selling my house in order to move to Manhattan.  It was a tiny place, nothing special inside, but the window above the kitchen sink faced Long Island Sound, providing me with a view of the ever changing colors and patterns of the sky and water.

 On some days, the water was smooth as a piece of glass, the sky a color so blue it almost hurt to look at it because it was so pure. On other days the water churned and jumped and the sky was a cold steely gray.  The conversation between sky and water was fascinating to watch. Never the same from one day to the next, sometimes sweet and playful, sometimes quiet and contemplative, other times cold and distant or angry and passionate.  Walking along the beach in all types of weather (including snow!) was another luxury I enjoyed when I lived in this cottage.  With the wind howling and the waves crashing (as much as waves on the Sound crash!), I discovered that I could shout at the top of my lungs without anyone hearing me.  And on other cloudless blue skied days, a tiny whisper could be heard all along the beach, amplifying the joyful sounds of children running and laughing.

So, if I could create my perfect dream beach house, it would be not too big (2 bedrooms, maybe 3 max).  It would have lots of windows, lots of white, and would have a great deck, patio or porch facing the ocean.  I would include many elements that I see in these two dreamy beach houses.

This beach cottage is in Palm Beach Florida.  It seems like it is the perfect size-not too big, not too small.  I love the ceilings and the palette of gray wood mixed with white and blue.  

Another dreamy beach house located in Sag Harbor and designed by Wettling Archiectects is gorgeous with the natural stone, pure white walls, horizontal white shiplap and dark floors and beams. 

Do you dream of a beach house?  What would your's look like?  Would it be modern with all glass facing the ocean?  Or would it be a faded gray shingled cottage with casement windows to throw open to catch the ocean breeze?  I know, it is so hard to choose!  Happy Monday...