Fantasy Gym

Last night at about 8:00, I felt kind of restless.  Stu was watching a hockey game. I really needed to go for a long walk on the beach but it started raining and I wasn’t up for the whole ang-sty walking the beach in the rain thing so I decided to go to the gym.  I dislike the gym. I don’t like anything about it.  The terrible lighting, the garish colors, the loud awful music, the ugly towels…. There is nothing appealing about it.  At least not my gym.  The only thing going for it is that I can go ….anytime…..

PS: this is not my gym, I have changed the name to protect the innocent...

PS: this is not my gym, I have changed the name to protect the innocent...

So, I started thinking, would I go more often if it were more appealing?  Is there a gym that someone like me would want to frequent everyday?  I thought about grocery shopping. I hate doing repetitive errands like grocery shopping and will eat frozen veggie burgers for 7 days straight in order to avoid going to the supermarket.  Unless I can go to The Fresh Market. Or Whole Foods.  Or a Farmers Market!  It is interesting that something that is a chore can become a pleasant experience that I actually enjoy if it has the right atmosphere.  This led me to wonder: why hasn’t anyone cracked the code when it comes to gyms?


So, I started fantasizing about my ideal gym.  I confess that as I was on the treadmill alone at 8:30pm, I was watching HGTV and texting with my friend, Robin-  hardly a strenuous work out. Robin shares my dislike of gyms so we started bouncing ideas off one another.

Our anti gym would be well lit with sconces, chandeliers on dimmers and would smell good. It would have beautiful views (of something other than a parking lot), fresh flowers, good carpeting and a lovely palette.  It would resemble an interior done by Victoria Hagan.  Just take one of these rooms and swap out the furniture with treadmills and bikes etc... 

It would provide gym clothes (imagine, no ugly, inappropriate outfits assaulting your eyes!) and you would leave them in a hamper after your workout and they would be freshly laundered for you by the next day. 

You could also have your meals there-  healthy calorie controlled and very appetizing.  In fact, you could bring dinner home to your family from the gym.  They would be cooking your family’s meal while you were working out. 

Oh and another thing.  While you are on the treadmill, you will not have to watch the news or a rerun of those annoying Property Brothers.  You can watch demonstrations on how to do something like arranging flowers, antiquing mirror or watch a bio on Madame Curie so you actually leave knowing more than when you came in. 

And you could get your mani- pedi there after your workout or even get your haircut or blown out.  One stop shopping.  Oh and maybe there would be fashion shows and book club meetings on bikes or treadmills.  Wouldn't that be fun?

Now that’s a gym I would enjoy going to everyday.  What's your fantasy gym?