Fire it up!

With the summer here, it's time to move outdoors. Is there anything better than an evening spent on the porch, deck or patio enjoying a drink or dinner?  Nothing amps up the atmosphere style quotient like a fire feature.  Although an outdoor built-in wood burning fireplace is lovely, the new bioethanol or gas fueled, urns, bowls, and tables offer flexibility and can be used on different surfaces. Bioethanol fuel is a clean burning gas and doesn't require ventilation as there is no smoke produced.  Brown Jordan, the king of outdoor furniture, has a great line of these products that I want to share with you. 

One of the great things about these products is that you can put them on a wooden deck. Although they are heavy, they can be moved if you decide to rearrange your furniture.  I love anything that gives me flexibility!

The round bowl in the dark finish looks great in a smaller space.  A bit more rustic than the above fire tables, it works in more traditional settings.

These pierced cylinders would be a fabulous way to add atmosphere and lighting in dark corners or to highlight a path or pool area.  

Bioethanol inserts can also be used indoors and are way to install a fireplace in a room without a chimney or flue.  This insert was very reasonable and was ordered online and installed by my contractor. 

Adding a fire feature to your outdoor seating area will lead to more evenings spent outside after dark, talking with friends and family and enjoying the warm weather.  Get those s'mores ready.  I'll be right over!  

Happy Wednesday!