From Dated to Updated- Case Study

Today I will be going back to an oceanfront condo that I renovated this winter.  It's for sale and the listing agent invited me to attend the open house to answer any questions the agents might have about the renovation.  Since I did it before I started the blog, I thought I would show you a little bit about this project. 

The condo was dated and in desperate need of a makeover.  Since the owners were planning on selling, they did not want to spend a penny more than was absolutely necessary (and I don't blame them!).  So, with a tight budget, we set to work to create something that would feel fresh and current.  As my process always begins with a fantasy, this one started in my imagination with a memory of Montauk, Long Island. And Ralph Lauren.  In case you have never been to Montauk, it is on the tip of Long Island- the end of the Hamptons.  It was a fishing village and is a little more pared down to the natural elements than the other towns in the Hamptons. Driftwood, windswept beaches and unpretentious surfers were floating around in my mind when I created the story board:

This required a little imagination as I was explaining my concept to the owners (two former nuns from Connecticut), but they grasped the vision and jumped on board.  Here is what the condo looked like before the renovation. 

They asked me to work with as much of the existing furniture as possible.  Okay, this is a challenge!  Here is how it turned out:


The makeover took a few months to complete and would have taken less time if we weren't doing it over the holidays.  The biggest expenditures were the new floors, the new kitchen counters, new appliances and the new plumbing fixtures and shower enclosure in the master bath.  Can you see it now?  The salty-aired, laid-back Montauk of my imagination?