Heart of the Home

Selecting just the right shade of white for the kitchen cabinets that will hold the dishes on which the lovingly prepared food will be served is important.  Choosing the right sofa that will hold napping children, husbands and pets while looking great for years is worth careful consideration.  Hanging art and photos on the walls that speak to you and says something about who you are is wonderful.   But the heart of a home isn't the beauty of the architecture, furniture and accessories.  The heart of the home is the mother's love for her family. That love can transform  a tired little rental apartment or even a dark cold hospital room into a place of unspeakable beauty. 

Today's post is about a mother's love for her children and her family.  This is for a mother whose love shines so bright that even in the midst of death and tragedy, her home (a temporary rental condo) is a place of warmth and light.  After a 14 month battle with cancer, her little boy went to be with Jesus last week.  Stu was asked to do the memorial service and so here we are. We met with the family last night, Mom, Dad, two brothers and a sister, and I was struck by one thing and one thing only.  Love.  The love in this family and particularly the love of this mother for her children.  Perhaps it's because I am also a mother that I zeroed in on her.  In the midst of unspeakable pain, she still found joy in caring for her family.  She had done the laundry for them, was helping her daughter select the right dress, in a color that her brother would have liked, and was doling out candy, smiling about her son's favorite flavor, blue raspberry, which left him with a perpetually blue tongue.  There was a pet lizard in a glass cage in the corner of the room- her son's.  She knew everything about this little lizard.  Just as she knew everything about her children.  What their favorite candy is, what they are good at, what they love most, what they struggle with and she was amazed by each one of them.  In the midst of the beauty of this mother's love, shining even brighter in the darkness of loss, the elements in the room receded and became almost invisible.  I can't tell you what color the walls were or whether the sofa was traditional or modern but I can tell you that home was beautiful beyond words.  

So, to all the moms out there, remember that it is your love for your family that will make your home beautiful.  Not the stuff inside.