House Styles to Love

Clients often ask," Susan, what is your favorite style in architecture or decorating?".  "Your project, of course!", is my usual response.  The truth is, I find beauty in almost any style, if it's done properly.  I have been working on a new website and have been carefully looking at all of the photos of  projects over the past few years and, although, they are different sizes, located in different states, some in the city, some in the country, some at the beach, there is a continuous thread that I can identify as mine.  My work generally is light filled, clean lined, and uncluttered but layered.  I am drawn to interesting lighting and love textiles.  I also love texture, patina and large-scale art.  Generally, I  love homes that have some history to them (or at least are built-in a way that references the past).  That said, if I had to choose a style that I would personally like to live in, it would be an early American white clapboard pre revolutionary war colonial with a detached garage and a barn of worn gray wood siding.  You can take the girl out of New England but you can't take the New England out of the girl!  But wait, I also loooove Greek Revival houses with their huge windows and high ceilinged rooms.  And Charleston homes with gas lights on cobblestone streets are divine! And like everyone else in the design world, I am enamored of mid-century modern homes with their horizontal lines and oodles of glass letting in gorgeous natural light. I discovered a fantastic website for those interested in historic homes called http:/  You can search for an antique of vintage home that is for sale anywhere in the country by price, style etc...  Here are just a few that I love.  But look for yourself, there is something for every taste and budget!  And take note, all you realtors who have antique homes listed- great place to advertise your listings!

Located on 11 acres in CT, this homes is nearly perfect on the outside.  I would do some simplifying and cleaning up of the visual clutter on the inside but other than that, I could move into this one tomorrow!

The barn- I would add those steel framed windows behind the barn door and perhaps larger windows on the other side facing the woods.

Love the square columns, the flag stone floor and the simple furniture.

Something about an orderly garden next to the house gets me every single time.

The pergola, the stacked stone wall, the terraced garden, the old trees..... all swoon worthy!

And look at this beauty!


Here is a gorgeous Federal style gem located in Savannah, Georgia. On one of the best historic landmark squares in town! Perfection!

I'm sorry, but no one does porches better than a southerner. I'd love me some sweet tea on this porch!

And this is the view from the front and you are smack dab in the middle of the city. Walk everywhere. Heavenly.

I could go on for days but alas have to get to work.  Hope you enjoyed this little tour of old houses.  There are tons more to ogle on this site so enjoy! Happy Wednesday.