How Was Your Weekend?

When I worked in a "real" office (the one that I commuted to on the train and had to be there at a certain time as opposed to the one that is steps from my bedroom where I can show up in my pjs),  Monday mornings always began with a catchup with my colleagues about their weekends.  "How was your weekend?" And "Did you do anything fun over the weekend"? Sharing tidbits about our weekends is a Monday morning ritual in offices all over the world.  The new week can't properly begin before a quick recap of what went on during the time spent apart, can it? 

So, let me tell you about my weekend.  On Friday night, I.... um... er.... what did I do on Friday night?  I am going to have to think back for a second.  Ok, maybe this isn't a good idea.  My short term memory is not what it used to be!!!  I like to think it is because my brain is so full of important information that it efficiently automatically dumps anything not worthy of remembering. But actually, I think it is probably more related to "the change".  Okay, forget about Friday night.  

On Saturday, I spent the day in Charleston and Mt Pleasant with my friend, Robin.  She is a talented artist and shares my love of all things design. We started off with a stop at Pages Okra Grill in Mount Pleasant for sustenance.  They have the best breakfast in town. 

Next, we headed over the bridge and into Harleston Village (no that isn't a typo!) in downtown Charleston to see the Symphony Showhouse.  Harleston Village is one of historic Charleston's oldest neighborhoods.  Whenever I get a chance to tour one of the beautiful old mansions, I jump at it. The James Sanders House, built in 1851, did not disappoint. It recently sold for $1,942,500.

This door is stunning- note to self- remember this broken pediment and these pilasters!!! The colors are gorgeous, too.

I love the lush gardens you often find with the historic homes in Charleston.  I love the simple elegance of the pool and the stone bench. 

The rooms were all lovely but here are my takeaway ideas from the house:

1. Put a garden stool in a shower if there is no built in bench.  It adds interest and is handy for shaving your legs. Genius idea from Terry Stephenson of Juxtaposition Home & Garden!

I had bought some cotton stalks for Christmas decorating and loved the idea of mixing them with palms for spring:

Another standout that I want to steal is the over scaled greek key velvet appliqué on linen panels seen in the master bedroom. 

These orchids were casually collected and massed on a console.  How beautiful is this?

After we'd had our fill of visual treats at the Showhouse, we headed to North King to check out the home and design shops.

Our favorites were:

1. Juxtaposition Home & Garden, 424 King St, Charleston, SC

Terry has a great eye for interesting antique garden items, home accessories and tiny faded oushak prayer rugs that would be charming in a small half bath or to cover a footstool or ottoman with.  I couldn't resist picking up some Florentine wooden trays. They would be beautiful hung together on a wall.  The small ones would make great hostess gifts as they are not expensive.  

2. Mitchell Hill,438 King St, Charleston, SC

Loved the interesting easel lamps!  Great way to display art and they come in both table top and floor sizes.

3. Circa Lighting, 426 King St, Charleston, SC

I would buy lighting over jewelry so this store is like Tiffany's to me.  I could look at their selection for hours.  Now if only I could install light fixtures myself, I could change chandeliers and sconces at whim!. That would be dangerous.  This floor lamp caught my eye- what personality!

Moresby Floor Lamp

Moresby Floor Lamp

4. Ro Sham Beaux, 493 King St, Charleston, SC

Known for their hand beaded chandeliers, I was drawn rather to their outdoor furniture.  I loved this teak Bali sectional with its interesting detailed back:


Before heading home, we stopped for dinner in Mount Pleasant at Crave Kitchen and Cocktails and the meal was delish.  I will definitely go back for more plank salmon the next time I am in town.

On Sunday, the new chapel at The Abbey was dedicated.  We still have a few things to install (two chandeliers for the chapel, a chandelier for the narthex and the panels to be framed and sconces installed in the narthex), but It was a glorious day of celebration and thanksgiving!  

Photo by Archie Biggs

Photo by Archie Biggs

Following lunch after church, a walk on the beach with Stu and Ryelee, a little organizing of my desk and the day and the weekend were over.  Hope your's was good, too.  Now, on with the week!