Inside Out

Even though it's only February and we are a few months away from weather conducive to living en plain air, I am already fantasizing about indoor/outdoor living.  For some reason, the idea of breaking down the walls (or the ceiling) between the inside and the outside thrills me.  The idea of living outside, in the sunshine and the fresh air, with the songs of the birds my music in the morning and the chirping of the crickets my bedtime lullaby, gets my imagination going.  I would love to go on one of those African safaris where you stay in a beautiful tent that is furnished with a four poster  bed with antique persian carpets on the floor and dinner is served on china with silver and candles.  The refined creature comforts of home juxtaposed against the wild outdoors just makes my senses come alive.  Since such an adventure is not on my calendar for the foreseeable future, perhaps I can create the feeling of it at home. First, I want to take out the entire back wall of my house and replace it with glass that opens. On a nice day,  I could open the living room completely to the backyard like in this photo below. ModernHomeDecoratingMagazine.Trendir

I love how a similar flooring continues out from the living room onto the deck.  Gorgeous!  Another thing I would do is to create an intermediary space between the enclosed safe inside and the "wild" outside. In Pawleys Island, the "wild" outside can be quite wild with alligators, foxes and the odd wild boar roaming about.  When I first moved here, some of my neighbors enjoyed shocking me with stories of snakes dropping from trees onto drinks trays during cocktails and alligators snatching things.  I felt as if I had moved into Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! By adding a pergola to the deck or patio outside the living room, I could live dangerously by creating a not quite outside and not quite inside space.  Wouldn't you like to enjoy a lovely glass of rosé here at the end of the day?


Aren't these pendants amazing in this outdoor living/dining room?  Perhaps add a fireplace for those chilly evenings...

I adore this pea gravel dining area- so French!  I know it's not very practical and the stones can do a number on my high heels but who cares? It is so romantic! Makes me think of the chateaux in the Loire Valley.  Now that the house is open to the outside and we have an intermediary living space, it's time to turn our attention to the garden. Perhaps a parterre garden? Rose-parterre-Nabygelegen And a swimming pool, of course... 100537560 swimming-pools-formal-shaped-hedge-garden-with-narrow-pool-bluestone-D1DYPW   The warmer weather is coming.  I know it may seem far away but now is the time to start thinking about our outdoor living spaces. And besides, it helps to dream of sunny days and balmy evenings while the nights are still long and cold and the wind is howling outside.