Love Me Some Bobbin!

I am crazy about Bobbin chairs at the moment.  I know that they have been a favorite of designers since forever but they are now available to the general public at all different price points so I thought it would be worth writing about them today.  There is something about the bubble shaped  wood frame that is so appealing.  It makes me want to run my hand down the frame!  I also love the fact that it is generously sized with thick cushions making it comfortable.   The endless combination of colors and patterns on the wood and fabric really get make creative juices flowing and I love to dream about all the places I could use this chair.  They are great in spots where you need to break up all of the upholstered seating but you still want a comfortable chair.  They also work well in small spaces where a club chair doesn't fit. Perfect in cottage, beach or eclectic decors, this chair has great personality. 

So first, a bit of history.  I do love knowing the history of things and besides a bit of this knowledge makes you sound really smart when talking to clients! The Bobbin chair or sometimes called Spool chair originated in the late 17th century. Its called a bobbin chair because the legs, arms and stretchers were lathe turned to resemble small bobbins or spools.  Here is an early example of one:



Thankfully, the chair has evolved since then and now is much wider to accommodate the 21st century bottom and typically features seat and back cushions, as well as arms. Here are a few shots of the chairs in their natural habitat, the family/living room:

They also work well in tight spaces, like this sunporch I recently staged.

The chairs are available at all different price points.  I found the ones I use for staging for next to nothing at Pier One.  Unfortunately, they are no longer available but keep your eyes peeled as they might be making them again.  Here are some other sources:


If a chair isn't in your plans but you'd still like to incorporate some bobbin into your life, here are some other ways to use this cool motif:

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Hope you have a terrific Thursday!