My Office Re-Do

I am itching to finally decorate my office.  It's the classic story of the shoemaker's children not having any shoes. My office is not something to inspire! I have books on the floor (storage is a problem), wires criss crossing the floor and a makeshift filing cabinet.  I have not invited any clients over to my office for fear that they would think it is a reflection of what I do and run off never to be heard from again!  I have been living with a hodge podge of things for a year and now finally have some time to take care of it.   Since I spend so much of my time there, I want it to be functional but also inspiring.  While I love peaceful, calming zen like rooms, for my office, I want something zippy. I want color and energy and fun! But, I do want some sophistication and certainly don't want to careen over the edge into migraine inducing territory. 

I often look to nature for inspiration and with everything popping into blooms around me this room's inspiration is no exception. These beautiful Emperor tulips kick started my creative  process:

Apricots, oranges and corals are high energy colors and walking into an office with this color would definitely make me more productive.  Plus, it looks amazing against charcoal gray (the color I painted  the walls last year). So, this morning I put together a mood board for myself:

I already own the antique desk- I purchased it from the proceeds of my very first design job years ago so it has sentimental value. I plan to order the Billy bookcases from Ikea and will try the customization that I wrote about in an earlier post about Ikea hacks. I want to use the Nitik wallpaper on the back of the shelves so I have a shot of that gorgeous color to look at while sitting at my desk.  I plan to install panels in the apricot Ikat linen on the large window and also install a roman shade for privacy when I am burning the midnight oil. I haven't decided whether the blinds will be  a solid linen fabric with some trim or a tortoise matchstick:  



There is a large closet in the room and I am considering removing the doors and creating a sample library there with shelves. I would paint the niche apricot and the shelves white.  I love the French Cuff sconce by Barbara Barry. I could throw a few of these sconces in the niche for light and atmosphere.

Baskets could hold samples and swatches and I could line some of them in another pretty fabric from China Seas.

Or perhaps leather boxes to play up the wood tone of my antique desk?

Decisions, decisions... Will post the finished room, hopefully sometime soon!