Orange Crush

Lately, I have been crushing on the color orange.  Normally, I am a true blue kind of girl with heavy doses of white but for some reason, which I can't explain, I can't get enough orange these days.  Coral, tangerine, apricot, persimmon, pumpkin- the whole range of the spectrum appeals to me. Is orange in the air?  Or is it just me?  

A dark orange with charcoal gray feels sophisticated and masculine like in this library from Apartment Therapy:


Orange feels fresh and fun when paired with white:

I am obsessed with the combination of cream, gray and tangerine...

Orange paired with navy looks crisp and preppy:


Orange looks great outside too because it pairs so well with the greens found in nature as well as dark espresso wicker. 

I love using orange in the houses that I stage because it is such a happy color and generally makes people feel good.


I have always been crazy about Suzanne Kassler's living room with it's pale apricot accents.

Orange is a great color to use in small accents to perk up your rooms and its fun to see what you can find in this happiest of colors.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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Happy Monday!