Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets- Red, Blue, Yellow and Green...

This morning I woke up dreaming about cabinet colors.  Ok not exactly the second I woke up.  First I dreamed that I had been staying in an airbnb house and as I was packing up to leave, there were cockroaches the size of volkswagons scurrying about the bedroom. Strangely, I wasn't too disturbed.  Just slightly disgusted.  So I proceded to hose down the room with hot water that miraculously came out of the garden hose which happened to be lying on the floor in the corner. Then I packed up my bag and left.  Wonder what that means???? Good morning, Monday!  

Anyway, back to the cabinets.  Many of my clients are looking for ways to update their kitchens and new cabinets are not always in the budget so I often recommend painting the cabinets if the wood color is not great.  White and cream are the most typical color options and gray has become another popular option.  But what if you want to get a little more creative?  Is it a good idea to try a real color on your cabinets? Like blue. Or green. Or yellow. Or even red?  

I say, YES!!! If red is your color, it can be stylish on your cabinets:

They say that red stimulates the appetite and if you are like me and need no help in that area, maybe green would be a better choice:

If you live on the coast, blue is a good choice for cabinets.  There are so many shades that would work from a soft pale blue gray to azure to even navy:

Yellow is a happy choice from butter to lemon. Wouldn't you smile (even on a monday morning after a dream about cockroaches) walking into one of these kitchens?

If you can't commit to painting all of your cabinets a color,  just paint the island or the lowers:


With so many gorgeous colors to choose from, why stick with white all of the time?  If you love a particular color, bring it into your kitchen on your cabinets.  Go for it!  Don't let the fear of resale down the road stop you.  You can always repaint them.  Happy Monday!