Paradise Found

Have you ever imagined a place?  Not an imaginary place, but a real place. For instance, before visiting Paris or NYC, did you have an image in your head of what it would look like?  From seeing movies or photos in magazines, you formed a mental picture and when you actually went there, it was either, "Yes, this is exactly how I pictured it!" Or, "no, I thought it would look different."  A little over an hour's drive north from Charleston is one of the best kept secrets along the Carolina coast. When I first drove through the old iron gates, my jaw dropped and my heart skipped a beat.  I thought this place existed only in my imagination. But as we drove along the winding roads under the arms of other worldly old oak trees, I realized that it was real and it was exactly how I pictured it would be. This is Litchfield Plantation in Pawleys Island, SC as seen through the lens of my iPhone. 

Believe it or not, you can actually live here.  There are several properties currently on the market.  A 2 bedroom 2 bath villa in a special condominium built to look like a single family home is offered at $290,000:

If you need more space for family and visiting friends (they will want to visit, trust me!), another property available is my 4 bedroom townhouse with an open floor plan and over 2800 square fee for $420,000 (shameless plug!!!!)

Sunsets are spectacular from the pool overlooking the old rice fields and marsh.  Very often I find myself the only person here:

And sunrises are beautiful from the Plantation's ocean front beach house on Pawleys Island. The beach house has rest room and shower facilities, in addition to entertaining spaces.  It also has designated parking which can otherwise be tricky on the small island. Travel and Leisure ranked Pawleys Island as one of the top ten beaches in the country because it is unspoiled and development has been strictly controlled.

There is even a marina in the Plantation if you want to explore the rivers and the ICW.  Imagine riding your bike to your boat!

It is hard to capture the beauty of this place- photos and words are inadequate.  You will have to come and see for yourself.  Contact me if you want to know more about the plantation or either of these two properties.  Have a great weekend!