Shine Baby Shine

I have long been enamored of high gloss finishes but haven't yet had the chance to do a room with high gloss walls.  While I am waiting for the opportunity to use high gloss paint, I have been dipping my toe into the water of shine with lacquered furniture-white Saarinen tables, white lacquered parsons tables and soon to come blue, lacquered vintage bamboo chairs. But give me a dining room to do for a chic, bold, outgoing client and the high gloss walls will be coming out. 

This dining room by Suzanne Kassler is stunning.  The color is luscious! I love how she painted the trim and door in the same color.  When doing a high gloss paint finish, the walls must be nearly perfect as the shine will magnify any imperfections. So, prep, prep, prep those walls until they are as smooth as a baby's bottom before painting. 

Suzanne Kassler

Suzanne Kassler

Deep blue lacquered walls create drama in this city apartment. Doesn't the art look like its almost floating on the walls?

A high gloss finish intensifies the color of the paint. This green entry designed by Christina Murphy is amazing.  


Since a glossy finish is so reflective, it is a great way to bounce light around in a room without a lot of natural light. This hallway is a great example of how high gloss paint can brighten a space.


Another way to use shine in a room is to paint the ceiling with a high gloss finish in a contrasting color. 

Even ship lap can benefit from some shine.  It can take on a more modern feel when painted in high gloss. 

Maybe I will repaint my office walls is a turquoise high gloss.  I can see it... white lots of white and gold... and maybe throw a hide on the floor.  Yes, I think that would be perfect. Maybe I am the chic, bold, outgoing client that I have been waiting for! HappyFriday!