Simple Summer Pleasures: Iced Coffee

There are so many simple pleasures to be enjoyed in this my favorite season: summer! I am starting a mini series on simple summer pleasures and today's post is about one of my favorites. Is there anything better than a glass of delicious iced coffee on a hot summer morning?  Or a frosty glass of salted caramel iced coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up?  Mmmmm.  When done right, it tastes so good that you almost feel guilty drinking it!



I like having my coffee as soon as I wake up so that rules out a Starbucks run.  My coffee maker broke the other day and I haven't decided what to replace it with yet.  So, in order to have my morning fix, I had to search for something already brewed.Thank goodness I found the perfect brew! I found it at The Fresh Market (Stu calls The Fresh Market my happy place!). It's called Chameleon Cold Brew Black Coffee and it comes in little single serving bottles so I don't have to think about getting the proportion of coffee to milk right before my brain turns on.  I like to pair it with unsweetened almond milk but dairy milk or soy milk would be yummy also.  

My favorite almond milk is from Califia Farms.  Some people like to make their own but I haven't gotten to that level of pickiness yet. 

Another ingenious way, from Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth to have your iced coffee is to pour the cold brewed coffee into ice cube trays the night before.  Then pop 5 or 6 square cubes into your glass and pour the almond milk over it.  Let it sit and melt for a few minutes.  Enjoy! This is a great way to avoid the watered down taste that happens when the regular cubes begin to melt. 

Part of the pleasure of drinking great coffee is drinking it out of a beautiful glass.  I am in the market for a glass that will do this drink justice. This beautiful glass has a very exotic feel and even though it's painted and has some gold, it is dishwasher safe- a key factor for me!

This clear tumbler from Juliska would be nice also.  There is something nice about seeing that gorgeous cafe au last color through the glass:

Of course, the classic French tumbler from Duralex is always a good choice for an iced coffee.  The only objection I have is that the rim is a bit thicker than I like:

Some people think everything tastes better in a Mason jar.  I am not sure about that but iced coffee sure does look good it them.  Particularly if you want to add a bit of flavored whipped cream!

1./2. /3.  

That's my simple summer pleasure for this week.  I'm off to get some ice cube trays and a new glass or two.  Happy Thursday!