Stars of the Show

While I was in Boston, I spent a day visiting the Boston Design Center.  With 5 floors of tile, flooring, furniture, lighting, carpet, antiques and cabinetry showrooms to explore,  I saw several things to add to my list of favorite things to include in my next designs.   I can become rather obsessed with an object and it stays in my head, nagging at me, until I find a place to use it. There are certain objects that are meant to be the star of the show and others that are meant to be supporting actors.  It is usually the divas that won't let me rest until I include them in one of my rooms.  The supporting actors are much better at quietly waiting for their entrance for they know that there are many more opportunities for them.  They are just as critical to the success of a room as the stars, but are not there to be admired on their own.  The stars make you look at them the minute you enter the room.  They are not subtle and possess qualities that are so compelling that your eyes linger on them.  My stars are not flashy or ostentatious- rather they are striking and unique in some way.  They don't even have to be new to grab my attention.  Sometimes things that have been around for years suddenly seem to be exactly right today.

For instance, there is a particular light fixture that is so perfect in its simplicity, that it has moved into my head and won't be dispossessed, much as I try, until I can find it a home with one of my clients.  It is the Darlana Lantern by E.F. Chapman.  Yes, that is really its name!  A few years ago, someone had the idea of using women's names for products and now it is commonplace. It comes in 5 sizes and 3 gorgeous finishes so there is simply no excuse for me not to cast Darlana in one of my shows.  She can play the young ingenue (modern, young and sleek) in the polished nickel and would be perfect in a coastal modern dining room. Or dressed in the aged iron, I would cast her as an action hero (strong and powerful) hanging in a stone staircase tower.  Or if I needed an elegantly beautiful leading lady for a foyer, I would cast the gilded iron.



Another star that I met in Boston, is this seriously gorgeous antique French white oak floor from Paris Ceramics.  Installed in a chevron pattern, this floor is a show stopper and I see it accompanied by stark white walls and lots of white linen upholstery  with grass green accessories.

IMG_0416Another object that worked its way into my head and will not let me stop thinking about it is this tea paper at Brunschwig et Fils.  I would love to use it in a half bath.  It feels new to me even though the De Gournay- esq design has been around forever, in the restrained two colors, it feels modern.


I recently purchased (to my husband's chagrin because he does not share my love for this object) a white Saarinen tulip table which is temporarily sitting in our home until it is cast in a staging production.  This table has been dancing in my head for years and when I saw it online for a fraction of what it normally costs, I had to make my move!  I am sure you understand.  This was no mere temporary infatuation.  It plays well with any kind of chair and I paired it with beach-y rattan.  I see it in a chic dining room resting on a hide surrounded by black ladder back chairs.173TR-2_F2_FZ

Another thing that I can't get out of my mind and that I hope to use in my next kitchen project at the beach is this combination of white lacquer with wood drawers.  There is something very cool about this and feels so familiar to me from the fashion world.  I just can't quite put my finger on what this reminds me of but I find it incredibly chic.


Finally, there is a desk that had been on my mind for quite some time.  It is a versatile Parsons style but made out of wood with bone inlay.  It is the perfect combination of rustic modern with a touch of glam.  I had the perfect place for it a year ago but when I went to order it, it had been discontinued.  My stomach fell and I felt very sad that this star was never going to appear in one of my shows.  A few weeks ago a client asked me to find  a desk for her second home as she needed a spot to support her laptop for her Amazon shopping trips (she confided that she recently purchased a new toilet from Amazon!) and much to my delight, THE desk had come back from retirement as was available!  I have finally been able to get it out of my mind knowing  that it has a permanent starring role in my client's guest room.

parsons-desk-bone-inlay-c parsons-desk-bone-inlay-o

Seeing all of these current obsessions together, there is a consistency which works.  I think I have my cast assembled for my next production!  Stay tuned...