Stormy Nights and Scaredy Cat Canines

Last night was one of those nights.  I wish I had a time-lapse video of what went on in my house to show you.  Things started out as they normally do.  The pundits were endlessly rehashing in agonizing detail every little thing that the candidates said during the day and what it all means. Stu and I logged off our computers and put Ryelee to bed in "his" room (aka my office) and we turned in.  Then suddenly about two hours later, just as I was enjoying my deep sleep state, I awoke to the sound of high-pitched barking.  It wasn't the usual "I have to go out....NOW" sound or even the "I'm lonely, come play with me" noise.  No, this was something else altogether.  Barely awake, I went to my office and found a panicked, panting little guy.  Don't tell him I told you but Ryelee, our little terrier, is afraid of storms. The wind outside was howling and there had probably been some thunder, too.  So, at first I thought I could get him calmed down by sitting with him on the sofa in the living room.  After about a half an hour, I realized that he wasn't going to calm down until the storm stopped and I was freezing and tired.   So, I gave in and took him upstairs to the girls' room and there I slept for the next 2 hours until the storm passed and I could go back to bed.  An hour later, my alarm chirped that it was time to start my day.  I am tired! This will be a 3 mug of coffee morning.  Ryelee is retired so he can sleep all morning.  Not fair!

I know that many dogs suffer from storm induced anxiety and that there are some products that may help.  Since Ryelee's condition is not terribly severe, I think we can avoid the doggy meds.  But I have to do something before the summer thunderstorms arrive or I will be a sleep deprived cranky person.  The first item I found online this morning to help is the Thunder Shirt. It applies pressure and makes the dog feel secure much like swaddling does for infants.  I am so happy that they have become quite fashionable and Ryelee can look cool while wearing his anxiety on his sleeve:

Love the contrast piping.  Or he could sport the manly camo style, "Afraid of the thunder?  Who, me?"

I also read that providing a sheltered place where he can go away from windows may help him feel safer.  The only place in our house away from windows would be the laundry room and since it is where we keep all of his treats, I can't imagine that he would be able to relax in there.  So I googled indoor pet shelters and found some interesting options:

I love an animal print because it goes with anything.  I could see this working in my office. But judging by the expression on this dog's face, it may or may not help Ryelee feel better.

I love the style of this one with the orange interior and the belt buckle.  Very Hermes!


I like the functionality of this house but would need to do something with the wood.  Perhaps a light grey stain over it? And a more stylish fabric on the cushion.

This igloo was rated #1 for 2016.  It does look cozy but I just don't think it works in Pawleys Island.  Too arctic for us.

I have had an obsession with airstream trailers for ages so this one really appeals to me.  Plus, it has wheels and a leash so it can travel from room to room!

This little red Scandinavian farmhouse would look great against the charcoal grey walls in my office.  But, I am not sure I want to be wedded to that color.  As cute as it is, I like to change things around too much for this to be the one.


Okay, I am in love with this "Bowhaus"!  I think it is definitely Ryelee's style and although it has some red touches, I could paint them out in a different color when I got bored with the red.   With some throw pillows inside and a tiny roll up shade added to the front facade for extra security, I think it would be perfect!  What do you think?  Any other advice for how to deal with the thunderstorms would be greatly appreciated. That's all for now. I'm off to get my second cup of coffee!