The Blank Slate (Room)

I started staging vacant homes that are for sale when I moved here two years ago as a way to show people my design skill, as well as, to help sellers who couldn't sell their homes.  Now the staging part of my business is less than half of what I do, but I still get a major thrill out of turning these cold empty spaces into warm inviting homes. Spring is the busy season for staging and we average a house a week this time of year.  This week, we will be staging a new build in Pawleys Plantation.  

This is a bit of a challenge as I have one room- a great room- to turn into an extraordinary multi functional living/dining space and there is no obvious way to arrange the furniture.  Without a fireplace and windows on 3 sides with the fourth wall open to the entry hall and kitchen, everything will float and I will have to create a focal point somehow. I am still trying to unlock the style key for this house.  It is not really coastal in feel inside and is situated on a golf course. So, I could go in a few directions but will start with my imaginary buyer.  So far here is what I have: my buyers are a couple who are buying a second home that they plan to retire to in a few years.  They are avid golfers and also love to kayak.  They like to entertain and he is a phenomenal cook.  She is outgoing and plans to start a blog about "life after working" when she retires.  They have travelled all over the world for their jobs and are drawn to eclectic interiors. So, I'm thinking the  room will be eclectic and stylish with colors on the warmer side of the spectrum and will contain things brought back from their travels.

Here is what the room currently looks like:

Although this is a beautiful, brand new home, the owners asked me to stage this room to show prospective buyers how they could arrange their furniture here.  Did you know that 90% of the public is unable to visualize anything that is not in front of them?  

Here are my initial story boards for the room:

I am heading to one of my favorite stores in Mount Pleasant  to find some interesting accessories from all over the world to create the story for this room. Here are some of the things that I will be looking for:

Whenever I go on one of these little hunts, I get excited because I never know what I might find or what will inspire me. I will post some photos on Instagram of things that strike me, so follow me (susanalbrightdesign). Happy Wednesday!