The Fountain Decision

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  When it comes to our own homes, we designers can be indecisive and confused.  Hard to believe, right?  It's true.  It is oh so much easier to tell you what color sofa you should live with for the next 10 years than it is for us to tell ourselves.  I think there are two things going on here making us wishy washy with our own homes. First, we know how many different options there are out there and it is hard to commit.  What if someone comes out with something a-maz-Ing tomorrow?  Better wait until market to see what's new.... Second, we know that every decision we make narrows the direction we can go with a room.  There is something really pleasurable about having wide open possibilities if you are a designer.  I could decide when I wake up tomorrow that I want to create a Tuscan Villa feeling in my living room.  And that evening, I might decide that is not what I want because I have fallen in love with a lacquered coffee table that is the color of a ripe persimmon.  Or perhaps it should be cool and modern with no color at all (actually white and gray ARE colors)!  But you can see the dilemma. 

Stu and I have been going back and forth about our garden design.  Actually, he has been really great about my vacillation and isn't bothered in the least by the constant flow of photos hitting his inbox.  We haven't yet settled on whether or not we should expand the patio (we really should but we aren't sure its top priority) or whether to tile the existing patio with slate or stained concrete. (I just saw a stenciled concrete that was fabulous!!!! Now where did I see that? I don't think I ran that one past Stu yet.... ) But, one thing we have decided is that we'd like a fountain.

The only question is which fountain?  This will be interesting because I have no idea what Stu is picturing when he agreed to the fountain.  Is he thinking something European like these?

Or is he thinking something a bit asian or zen?

Or perhaps a bit more modern? Something a bit sleeker?  

RH fountain.jpg

The location of the fountain is such that it has to look good from all sides and it can't be too large.  Stu, in case you are reading this, this is what I am picturing:

Classical, elegant and simple.  Not too big, but enough of a statement. I think I am in love...We'll see if it lasts until this afternoon.   Happy Tuesday!