The Tennis House Project

My mind is racing this morning because we are breaking down a house staging and installing at another with stops at the warehouse, the townhouse and a few stores along the way. Trying to keep track of what's where and how to most efficiently get things from point A to point B is one of the biggest challenges of the staging part of my businesses.  Thankfully, Angie is a genius at logistics.  

The house that we are staging today is a blank canvas on which to paint.  It has white walls and dark wood floors- a big plus.  It also has a tennis court in the back yard which to me would be heavenly therefore I am naming this project "The Tennis House". Very creative, nest-ce pas?  So, my fantasy buyer is sporty and outdoorsy and a tad preppy. Stripes, navy and white, wood and cool metals will be used to create a breezy, invitingly chic casual home.  

Here is the mood board for this project:

I'm afraid I am going to have to cut this one short as I have to run to meet the movers!  Check in tomorrow to see how it turns out!  Happy Thursday!