The Tennis House Project- Day 2

We are heading back to finish the staging of a bright and airy home with a tennis court in the backyard- hence the name The Tennis House.  Yesterday, I promised to post an update about how the project turned out and although we are still working on it, I will post what we have done so far. 

When I stage a house, I like to imagine who the buyer would be and create a style that I think would go along with how they would decorate their home.  Of course, I can't buy new furniture for every house I stage so I work with what I have and try to put things together in a way that creates a story.   Not everyone would like having a tennis court in their backyard.  But if you are a tennis player, like me, you would LOVE it.  So, that was the beginning of my design story for this house. I envisioned interiors that are crisp, classic and slightly preppy.  Not much glitz.  And since most people moving to the area like the beach, I wanted it to have a coastal vibe. 

Here is the moving truck loaded with furniture and accessories:

And this is my cart after a quick trip to Home Goods for a few needed items:


And here is where we ended yesterday ( don't mind the tv, I'm installing it properly today!):

Today, we will finish staging the dining room, den, master bedroom, two baths and the patio. When it's finished, I will post more photos. Happy Friday and have a nice weekend!