Yesterday was a happy day for us.  We finished a project that seemed like it was never going to end.  Some projects just seem to be that way: materials arrive late; things arrive damaged: trades are double booked and cause the whole project to fall behind; clients get upset and no one is happy.  No one is happy that is, until the project is finished and the final product makes up for all of the headaches.  And for me, it's kind of like labor.  Immediately afterwards, you swear you will never again have another child and go through what you just endured.  No way, no how, not happening.  I am NOT doing that again!!!  Then after a few weeks, months, (years!), you forget the pain and suffering and want to have another one.  Well, thankfully, the time it takes to forget about the headaches of a project is much shorter.   We turned the keys over to the owners yesterday afternoon and we are ready to get back at it on a new project this morning. Since this one is still fresh in my mind, I thought I'd share some of the photos of the renovation project with you.  With beautiful views of the ocean, dune grasses and the pool,  the 3 bedroom condo was in dire need of an update. It had been on the market for sale for quite some time with no takers.  It hadn't been touched by the hand of a designer/decorator/renovator for a very long time and had many elements that made it look very tired.  Pinkish/tan ceramic tile on the entry floor and kitchen, beige wall to wall carpeting that had taken some abuse from renters, vertical blinds on sliding glass doors, lots of shiny brass hardware and golden oak cabinetry with white kitchen appliances, in a word, it was dated.  We were given a tight budget and had to work with the existing furniture and thankfully, the sofa wasn't too old and was a nice chambray, navy, white and sand stripe.  It reminded me of faded jeans and a white shirt.  So, that became my inspiration.   Montauk casual cool.  Faded ripped jeans with a great white T-shirt, bare feet and a tan. This is the board that I showed my clients at our first meeting:


Laid back beach cool

Here is where we started.  A little too laid back and not so cool.


This is what the kitchen looked like before:


And the master bedroom:



And the master bathroom... well, what can I say?


Here is the entry before renovation:


The walls were all painted yellow.  There must have been a great deal on yellow paint here at one time because it seems like every single place I renovate or stage has the same yellow walls! Because of the tight budget we had to get a little creative and be smart about where the dollars were going.  We ripped out the carpet and tile, installed new laminate flooring, stripped wallpaper, painted the walls and cabinetry, replaced the old white appliances with new stainless, installed new quartz counters, removed all the shiny brass hardware, added new lighting and window treatments and then updated the decor with accessories.  And here it is: drum roll, please.....the finished product!









The condo is now up to date and will be much more appealing to buyers.  It's listed for sale for $749,000 with Martin Phillips.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation.  Happy Friday!