Try Treillage!

Treillage or Latticework has been around for centuries and is most commonly seen outside.  Originally used as a surface upon which to train vines and climbing plants, today it is also used as a screen for privacy or to hide something less than attractive.  In either diamonds or squares (or both!) treillage adds instant chic to almost anything.

Better than a solid wall, the patterns that can be created with treillage are stunning.  I love the swoop of this trellis wall!

Gates, pergolas and walls all benefit from the detail of lattice.  I love this entry gate:

Applied against a wall- even brick!- lattice adds so much visual interest.

Plants can be used to create "treillage" also.  Although this is beyond my gardening abilities, I can always dream!


Because it is so beautiful, it's used indoors as well, most often in garden rooms.  Adding mirror to the wall before applying the lattice really amps up the glamor quotient. 


Treillage is often used to create optical illusions as in this stunning aqua space designed by color lover, Anthony Barratta.

It even looks right in a church when the church is in a beautiful old plantation and occupies what was formerly a carriage house restaurant and semi private club.  What was once the garden room of the club, latticework now takes on a more textural role by painting the ceiling behind and the lattice the same soft green color. The crystal and gilded chandelier is an unexpected choice further enhancing the elegance of the ceiling. 

There are so many ways to use treillage today.  Let your imagination run and see where your house could benefit from this chic treatment!

Happy Monday!