Weekend Project: Painting a Floor

Have you ever found yourself volunteering to do something and then had to figure out how to do it?  I seem to put myself in this position more often than most people would.  I am not sure why other than I guess I like a challenge.  I often say that I will try to do almost anything once ( I am talking about design projects here...)  and can think of several times that I did something and never attempted it again.  Like the time I decided to sew my own curtains for my dining room.  This was many years ago when my girls were babies and I needed to have projects going to remain sane. I decided, having not sewn since 8th grade when I made a pair of shorts (in Home Ec class!!!), that I could sew lined curtain panels for my large dining room.  How difficult could it be?  Of course they had to be lined and I also needed to add a border of contrasting fabric along the length of the panels.  Well, they did turn out great, however, I never got around to hemming them.  I am going to confess something here.  I sold the house with the panels pinned at the bottom! 

This weekend, I am going to paint the office floor for a wonderful couple who are fantastic counselors.  Stu and I went to see them for our premarital counseling and they were phenomenal. We learned so much about ourselves and each other and how to resolve conflict that we have never had a fight.  Well, that's not quite true.... we are both quite opinionated, strong willed people but thanks to them, we know how to handle our disagreements in a good way. So, anyway, I volunteered to paint the floor.  I have done this before so I'm not a complete rookie.  I am experienced in standard 12 inch checkerboard patterns.  So, of course, I would like to do something more difficult this time! That's the crazy in me coming out.  

Here is what I should do: 

I have done this before and think I can remember how to do it without looking for directions online.  Following directions isn't my strong suit.  I have a couple of photos of the process I followed that I can dig up.  Here is the floor as I am painting the base coat:

Here is the floor with the pattern taped:

Here are some floors that I like and would love to try... A bit more complicated, no question, but doable, I think, is this pretty floor.  I love the way the paint is rubbed giving it some patina.

Or this one which has a more modern geometric feel:

This one is also lovely. A little softer but still cool:

If I am really feeling daring and brave, this is what I would do:

This one is way above my ability but in my dreams, I could whip this off in a weekend:


Check back in next week to find out which floor I picked.  Have a great weekend and take a few design risks!