Why I Love White

0862ef905b032cf0cdcd1a5a54283855 I realize that the title of this post may seem strange, given that, just yesterday, I wrote about the power of color.   White is the absence of color.  In physics, a color is visible light with a specific wavelength.  White isn't a color because it doesn't have a specific wavelength. Instead, white light contains all wavelengths of visible light. So, pure white is something different. It doesn't have its own wavelength and yet it contains all wavelengths.  I'm not a physicist, so please correct me, someone, if I am getting this wrong.   The sun is a source of white light.  So are incandescent light bulbs- don't get me started on why I love them and despise all other types that are being forced upon us "for our own good".   I have been stockpiling the "bad" bulbs for several years so that I can enjoy the type of light that we were made to enjoy for as long as possible.  White draws me like a moth to a flame and I think it is built into my DNA.  I think we are all drawn to it on some level.

White signifies freshness, cleanliness, newness and style.  I use white a lot in the homes that I stage for sale because it appeals to the majority of buyers when they are looking at houses.  Not many people object to a white sofa when they are looking at properties.  However, a red sofa can be the kiss of death.

White is versatile and plays well with other colors.  I have had white slipcovered furniture in my own home for years (even with 3 kids and 2 dogs)  because I can change my interiors whenever I get a new idea just by changing the accessories or painting the walls a new color.  My house has been my design lab and things haven't stayed the same for long!  How can I commit to one fabric or paint color when I am bombarded with gorgeous new possibilities on a daily basis?

White is timeless.  The white slipcovered sofa will work with the next hot color scheme long after the Indigo thing has gone. The white walls pair equally well with colorful cotton tribal print curtain panels as they do with neutral wool sheers or roll up shades.  Artwork will pop against it and natural materials look stunning with white as a backdrop.

White is easy.  Yes, it's true!  Spilled something on the white sofa?  Take off the slipcovers and pop them into the washing machine.  Take them out and put them back on while they are still a little damp and voilà, the sofa looks like new!  You can even use a bleach pen for a serious mishap.   White slipcovers are great at the beach and for families with pets because they are so easy to keep clean and fresh.

Mostly, I think I just love the beauty of white.  I love to wear white, look at white and be surrounded by white.  One of the things that I love about my husband is the color of his silver white hair.  I am dying to do an all white space but with enough different shades of white to make it warm and interesting.  I would also be sure to include some natural elements like  green plants, weathered driftwood and metal.  If you are longing for a white room, let me know. I have lots of ideas...