3 Things To Bring Back From the Eighties

Good morning, fellow rompers.  Now that we have had some distance from the 80s, I think it's appropriate to rethink some of the popular design elements from that era.  Are there things that we threw out in our desire to evolve and be more modern that we might want to consider bringing back? Here are the three things that I would like to see again and how I might tweak them to feel fresh rather than a replay of an old newsreel.  

1. Trimming

The opulent 80s meant trimming everything to within an inch of its life.  Ottoman skirts were hidden under heavy bullion fringe and sofas and chairs had elaborate tape trimming the velvet and chenille seams. Catapillar cording ran around the pillows and tassels and swags draped the window treatments.   After two decades of streamlined upholstered furniture, simple window treatments and plain pillows, I for one am ready for more detail and embellishment. But, rather than just repeat what was done in the past, let's make it modern for today. One way to do that is by playing with scale.  The greek key tape on curtain panels at The Charleston Symphony Showhouse is a great example of how to do this:

2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper was very popular in the 80s and is beginning to make a comeback.  We have seen patterned paper in bathrooms for awhile but I think the time has come to use it in other spaces too, like a bedroom.   There is nothing dated about this sweet bedroom:

This leaf paper by Katie Ridder adds an element of exoticism to this bedroom :

3. Patterned Fabric on Sofas

I doubt I will ever tire of my beloved white sofas, but I am thinking its time to add some pattern to the repertoire.  I love the blue and white sofa in this living room.  Doesn't it feel fresh and modern?

This sofa is a classic shape but feels of the moment with its white legs and contrast piping.  This would be fun to use in a sunroom.

I love the combination of blue and green in this room.  With white paneled or shiplap walls, a patterned sofa can really amp up the style quotient fast!

Do you want to bring anything back from the 80s?  

Happy Friday and have a restful weekend!