My Year

Today marks another year on the log that is my life.  This journey has been an interesting one, It started out on a fairly easy flat road, clearly- marked, but has gone over some rough terrain, in less than ideal conditions, leading me to some surprising places.  I have gotten lost, taken wrong turns, had to retrace my steps to get back to where I took a wrong turn, and have had some mountains to climb, some steep descents, hair pin turns and a flat tire or two along the way.  But today, I want to pull off to the scenic overlook of my birthday and look down on the road I have travelled for the past 12 months and remember what happened and maybe think about where the road is going ahead of me. 

The biggest thing that happened this year is that Stu and I have really gotten to know one another and we still like each other!  In fact, we are more in love today than the day we drove to Charleston to say, "I do".  We still don't know where to live,  we are still on different sleep/work cycles and we still need to learn how to slow down and play more but our marriage has grown, has changed us and is nothing short of a miracle. 

My business has grown.  Not only did we stage many houses, but we also completed 3 major condo renovations, furnished 3 houses from soup to nuts, renovated a kitchen, and even designed the interiors of a beautiful church!  In between, we selected paint colors, rugs, furniture and lighting and even moved furniture around for many clients. I have learned how to create a website, started a blog, learned how to use quick books online and am learning how to take and edit my own photos. Whew!!  All that is wonderful, but the best thing that happened this year in my business was the addition of Angie Bunn to my team!  She is a consummate professional, possesses vast amounts of energy and stamina, is highly organized and is good at everything that I am not. And we have fun together!   I also found an awesome accountant, Laura, who takes care of making sure my sales tax is paid on time, reconciles my books, and advises me on all things accounting.  

I have moved two daughters into dorm rooms, have had all three come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, spent a week in Miami with two of them and talked almost everyday to them on the phone.  Watching them grow in wisdom and grace has been a joy. I have gotten to know Stu's sons, Jason and Cody, and am so blessed to know these two fine men.  

Looking ahead, I'd like to get a little more balance in my life.  More time playing tennis and going back to Melissa's class (Barre) will be a priority now that I have gotten some major building blocks in place in my business.  More time with my family and friends would also be on the map.  But I have been on the road long enough to know that it is the surprises that make the trip so worthwhile and interesting.  I can't wait to see where God takes me in this next year.  I don't expect it to be easy or free from car trouble, flat tires or low on fuel, but I do know that I am on the right road, traveling with the right people.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend.  Enjoy the road.