A Walk in The Park

Good morning Design Rompers. It's Monday morning already. I'm not quite ready.  Are you?  Let's turn the clock back. Imagine spending a leisurely Sunday afternoon strolling through beautiful gardens dotted with sculpture.  Picture yourself sitting under the shade of a Live Oak, a light breeze blowing the Spanish moss that drips from its sheltering branches, and watching a crane as it dips and soars, over a pond inhabited by turtles, fish and alligators.  The sound of a fountain punctuates the quiet as you take in the beauty of a bronze sculpture in the distance. Sound good?  That's exactly what I did yesterday afternoon.  After a crazy non stop week, I was feeling exhausted and rundown. Stu suggested visiting Brookgreen Gardens just up the road and I admit, I wasn't feeling up to walking around in the heat.  But he lured me with the promise of lunch in the cafe there so off we went.  

There happened to be a sculpture exhibit of the National Sculpture Society's Annual Awards Exhibition.  They were all amazing but here was my favorite:

How elegant is she?  I could stare at this for hours!

Then we strolled around, stopping to sit whenever we felt like it.  It was magical and peaceful at the same time. Here is a taste of what we saw:

Beautiful Gates


Majestic Trees

Enchanting Fountains

Captivating Sculpture

And Glimpses of Nature


My spirit was filled with the beauty all around me and I left feeling refreshed.  It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. The next time you are feeling tired and uninspired, try visiting a sculpture garden. The combination of art and nature is hard to beat, particularly on a beautiful day.  I plan to visit this garden often this fall.  Maybe I will see you there?

Happy Monday!