Charleston Container Garden Inspiration

Walking the streets of Charleston provides a multi course visual feast.  If you love old historic houses, it is one of the best places on earth.  With the largest historic district in the country, the variety and number of houses and buildings built during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries is astounding.  And, unlike a place like Colonial Williamsburg, real people own and live in them.  And they know how to garden.  Or at least they know people who do.  One of my favorite things to do is to surreptitiously peer through the iron gates between the houses to catch a glimpse of the private gardens. I also love examining the window boxes and container gardens.  Yesterday, Charlotte and I spent some time on Meeting Street and here is a sampling of what we saw:


When creating a container garden, think about 3 things:

1. Color

The first thing to consider is the colors you want to see.  Pick colors that look beautiful together just as you would when decorating a room or putting together an outfit.  Hot colors like reds, yellows and oranges look great together and so do softer pastel colors like pinks, lavenders, blues and whites.  Or go with one color and use different shades. 

2. Composition

Think about the outline of the garden first.  How high should it be when its planted?  Do you want plants trailing down the front?  Then select plants of varying heights and shapes to achieve the overall size garden that you want.

3. Texture

Choose plants and flowers that have different textures.  Combine some plants with delicate lacy leaves with flowers and plants that have large showy blooms and leaves.  Likewise, glossy deep green leaves will look even prettier when juxtaposed against fuzzy soft leaves. Contrast in textures creates interest.

It's not too late to plant your summer container gardens.  Water, fertilize, and remove blooms as they die to keep them blooming all summer long.

Happy Wednesday!