3 Steps To A Better Fall

Today marks the end of summer.  Fellow Design Rompers, can we please have a moment of silence?  Although moving from Connecticut to coastal South Carolina has extended the season for me, things change here after Labor Day, too.  It gets dark earlier, the air is cooler at night making the pool temperatures drop, and there just doesn't seem to be much time for hanging out at the beach.   I am sad to say goodbye to summer but I like the new beginning that fall affords.  Much like the beginning of a new year, the beginning of fall is a great time to take a few minutes to think about where we are and where we are headed.  My husband, Stu, is a great strategic thinker and here are 3 things that he recommends considering:

1. What is My Top Priority?

This question is critical because if we can clearly articulate what the most important thing we wish to accomplish this fall is, the easier it will be to make decisions on everything else.  This is the thing that we feel we must accomplish above all else.  It doesn't mean that other things are not important, too, but this is the thing that if we don't accomplish it, the consequences are dire.  Once we can articulate our top priority in a sentence, decisions about how to spend our time, energy and money become much easier to make. 

2. What Do I Need To Let Go Of?

This is almost as important as the first question and is related.  Is there anything that will prevent me from accomplishing my most important thing?  Any commitments or relationships that are holding me back? Or is there something within me that I need to deal with or change so that I can achieve my goal?  This is worth spending some time on.  In my case, a lot of time! 

3. Embrace the Moment

Once we have established our top priority and let go of anything holding us back, we can then embrace the moment.  With most of our decisions already made for us based on answering #1 and #2, we can focus on the present and actually enjoy having an undivided mind.  Realizing that we can't do everything or please everyone brings peace and the ability to focus on what is right in front of us now.  If you focus on hitting back the ball that is coming to you rather than what the score is in the game, or what is going to happen in the next set, or what you will do if you lose the match, you have a better chance of hitting that ball back well.  

Now that we have planned our strategy for success this fall, have a great Labor Day and enjoy the last day of summer doing something fun with people you love.

Happy Monday!