Pillows Galore

Good Morning, fellow Design Rompers! Today we are going to delve into a very important subject in the world of design. Throw pillows. For all of you men out there reading this (there might be only one who reads my blog, my husband), pillows are necessary. I am not talking about the ones that you sleep on, rather the ones that you have to remove every single night before getting into your bed and then have to be put back on every single morning when you make your bed.  They are the soft forms that have to be moved in order to sit back on your sofa (no, not the dogs). And they are not optional.  

Before Stu and I got married, he had two pillows on his gigantic bed.  The bed is so enormous that it has its own zipcode.  So, the two fairly flat poly-filled pillows looked like tiny chiclets on a vast plain.  I didn't say anything at first but rather decided to bide my time until the right moment. After all, he had been a bachelor for a decade and had to be eased into changes to his decor. About 2 months into wedded bliss, Stu had to go to Pittsburgh for a few days and I had work commitments and couldn't accompany him.  There is no better time to make some changes to your decor than when hubby is out of town.  Anyway, when he returned from his trip, there were 8 pillows on the bed and 3 on the sofa, a pillow on each living room chair and an antique mercury glass vase filled with white roses on the table flanked by flickering candles. His jaw dropped.  "What happened to the bed?" he asked. The story ends happily as he liked the way the house looked even though he does not like putting the pillows on the bed in the morning.  I am not sure he completely buys into my "pillows are a staple" philosophy but he good naturally tolerates them for my sake.

Pillows can do so many wonderful things for a room.  They can provide color in a neutral room, or add texture, softening a hard edged room.  They can bring several seemingly disparate colors together into a cogent scheme. They can add whimsy and humor. And most of all, they bring a feeling of comfort to a room whether it's a living room or bedroom. Some pillows are mini works of art with bits of beautiful trim and appliqués. Ranging between $40 and $700, there is a pillow for every budget.  

I have a bit of a pillow obsession.  I can't even tell you how many I own.  My staging business enabled me to indulge my pillow habit as pillows are an inexpensive way to update or brighten a tired space.  I have only one rule when it comes to pillows.  They must have feather inserts.  Absolutely no hard pillows allowed. Some of my favorite pillows come from a company called Square Feathers.  Made of linen, velvet, cotton and leather, their pillows are always on point.

Aren't they gorgeous?! I loooove pillows...  Happy Friday!