The Watch Dilemma

Here it is again- FRIDAY!  I hope your week has been good.  I have been struggling with getting up while its still dark and dealing with rainy drives to and from Charleston all week.  But today is sunny and things are looking brighter.  

Watches have been on my mind ever since the bracelet of my beloved Tiffany Tesoro broke a few weeks ago.  I bought it when I started making money in my design business eons ago and have worn it everyday since.  I have to send it off to Tiffanys to be fixed which will probably cost a small fortune so I thought I would see if I could go without wearing a watch.  After all, my cell phone is usually in my hand.  None of the kids are wearing watches and they seem to get where they need to..  Maybe I don't really need one, I thought.  

This is what I have discovered in my wrist watchless state. I have no innate concept of time.  Perhaps wearing a watch my entire life has made me dependent on it much like I have become with the GPS.  I have no idea how to get anywhere because I have the person in the dashboard to guide me every step of the way. Why waste valuable storage space in my brain with trivial stuff like how to get to work?  Or how to get to the airport?  Over the past few weeks I have eaten lunch at 10am, been late for appointments, realized that it was time to leave as the lights were turned off on me at work, and generally felt disoriented. 

Another thing that has been interesting is how to time my meetings with clients without wearing a watch.  It's very rude to take ones phone out to check the time when with a client.  And scanning the room looking for a clock tends to make people feel like you are scrutinizing their walls.  I tried getting a colleague to call me at a certain point to cut the meeting short but I had turned my phone off when I received another call as I arrived.  

So, for these reasons, I have decided that I need a watch.  While mine is off at the Watcherie, I think I will get a backup.  Something fun and different.  Here are the ones I am considering:

I love this watch by Tory Burch.  The only problem is which color?  The luggage is fabulous for fall but I also love the cream leather.  And the black. 

I'd wear it with other bracelets on the same wrist like this:

Another watch I have my eye on is this fun little number from Kate Spade.  It would make me smile every time I checked the time (which is about a million times a day).

Or maybe I should opt for this smart watch from Michael Kors that does all sorts of things.  I don't have time to figure it out at the moment but it looks like it could practically run my life for me judging by the video online. Plus Im a sucker for anything tortoise, as you rompers know!

Or the gold is also great:

How will I choose?  Eeny meeny miney mo....  

Happy Friday!